Client Reviews.

“Mia did an excellent job helping me to renovate my house. I found her to be informative and creative but not domineering. She was always willing to flex and change things as the project progressed. My house looks wonderful and unique with thanks to Mia and the team.”
Anna – Richmond

“Mia is an innovative interior designer with excellent taste and creative ideas specifically tailored to my needs. She worked well with our architect to ensure style and function went hand in hand, and was always responsive and wonderful to work with.”
Kristi – Belsize Park

“I hired Mia to do a complete refurbishment of my house. The design and service levels were excellent and we would not hesitate to use Mia again.”
Joel – Notting Hill

“We engaged Mia to design the interior of our recent extension, encompassing bedroom, bathroom and utility room, and to source the fixtures and fittings. We are extremely pleased with the results and would happily recommend her for similar work.”
Ian – Hampstead

“I have hired Mia on a number of different projects, some small where I needed some key pieces to add interest to an area or revive tired furniture. I more recently worked with Mia when we were having problems selling a house. Mia came in and instantly knew what to do to present the house in the best possible light to attract viewers. Within a couple of weeks of it being back on the market we have had an offer. This would not have happened without Mia’s expert assistance and eye for detail. She understands the brief and works to it. She is trustworthy, reliable whilst also been great fun to work with. Importantly, she took away the stress! I would have no hesitation in recommending Mia on any project big or small.”
Helen – Hampstead

“Mia is just very good at interior design. Although she has her own ‘house’ style she is very much in tune with the clients’ tastes even when they are different from her own. She is very well organized and does not ease up till the right solution has been found. Rarely is she late and typically she anticipates issues before they occur. At the same time she is very creative and a very well-honed sense for colours and textures. I can warmly recommend her and her firm and I am happy to talk to prospective clients directly. In summary, brilliant job for us!”
Ruth – Belsize Park

“We renovated a three-bedroom old flat in Belsize Park with many old features but wanted it to be modern but not losing the heritage. Mia and her team did an excellent job in all respects. She was very good in understanding our wants and taste but also very good in introducing her own ideas and at some instances insisting which all worked towards a better finished product. After having lived in it for a couple years we fully appreciate her attention to detail, souring of good products and access to skilful and reliable subcontractors. She was also enjoyable to work with and her enthusiasm was contagious.”
Hans – Belsize Park

“As part of our house refurbishment, when my husband and I were ready to tear our hair out, Mia and her team were able to step in. They produced designs and sourced fixtures and fittings for our bedroom, two bathrooms, utility space and soft furnishings throughout. They were delightful to work with, highly professional and responsive to all our queries and coordinated with the builders and fitters on site to ensure everything was implemented properly. We’ve been delighted with the results – everything they’ve done is exactly as we like it and works perfectly with what was already in place. The whole process was much less stressful because of them!”
Nellie – East Finchley

“Mia helped us design our flat into modern stylish sophisticated place to live and made it feel extremely cosy. Her eye for colours and furniture placement has created the most beautiful space for us to live enjoy with family and friends. Mia is great to work with very inspiring and such a creative mind. Her attention to detail with every finishing touch. We highly recommend Mia and look forward to using her in the future.”
Carli – West Hampstead

“Mia and her team provided fantastic interior design consultancy and product procurement during the extension (loft conversion) and complete renovation of my apartment and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Initial briefing meetings were both fun and inspiring and opened my mind to a whole range of possibilities I hadn’t even considered. Mia very quickly understood exactly what I was looking to achieve and from that point on provided absolutely spot-on advice every time. I greatly appreciated the flexibility to work on different areas of the project and to focus on the things I most needed help with. Mia created an incredible lighting plan which was one of the highlights of the project and something I could never have achieved without her unique experience. They also have access to a huge range of amazing products and providers – from bespoke wall coverings to flooring to structural engineers – all at more competitive prices than available to the public.

I had never worked with an interior designer before and I was afraid I would be pressured into spending more money than i wanted to. Working with Mia was actually the complete opposite – she really helped me decide how to spend wisely to get the best out of the project and this allowed me to achieve things i didn’t think would be possible. She knows exactly where to find what you need and it’s completely your choice whether you want to go for top designers or Ikea basics!

Mia’s taste and experience is second to none and I really appreciated her super clear direction and advice at a time when I was overwhelmed with decisions – I couldn’t have done it without her help. Mia and her team are all absolutely lovely and a pleasure to deal with. So, if you want help to create a beautiful home while ensuring you invest wisely and have a lot of fun in the process then hire Mia Karlsson!”
Chris – Hampstead

“Mia did an incredible job designing and managing the interior of our house. The design was excellent, especially the bespoke furniture and joinery. We look forward to using her again.”
AM – St Johns Wood

“I rebuilt and renovated my basement garden flat in Notting Hill in July 2013. At the time, I had no intention of engaging with a designer as I felt that between the experience of my architect, builder and myself that I could easily etch out the flat I wanted to have, between us. After all, I had a fair idea as to how I wanted it turn out therefore, what need did I have for one. However, having spoken to a friend who was doing a similar project at the same time and hearing his experiences I thought again. What about lighting, where to position them, space and how to make the best of it. What colours to use, was it to be magnolia again, what kind of bathroom do I really want. I found that I didn’t really know what I thought I knew.

So, after some detailed research, I happened upon Mia Karlsson design. I was very non-committal at first as I was still unsure whether I wanted to get someone else to design “my home” and also, I was worried about my budget. Having had an initial consultation with Mia, I realised immediately that I had nothing to fear , I could easily afford this help , not only that , I couldn’t afford not to have it. Mia was able to work out what I wanted and added style to that I hadn’t thought about and this was no real extra cost. She made valuable suggestions on fitted furniture (space was a premium), lighting was a forte of hers as was her use of colour to tie in with the lights. She doubled my intended storage space with some immensely clever ideas that I would have never have considered and from then on , I knew that she and my flat were intended for each other.

What was done in my bathroom was beyond all of my expectations, it really is one of the coolest spaces I have seen…..and it’s mine. In fact, I still struggle to come to terms with the fact that this flat is my flat. Feel free to contact me if you wish to see to pictures although, they will never do justice to what I come home to every night.

I could not recommend Mia or her talented team highly enough, they have simply “made” my living space come alive and frankly added thousands on to the flats’ value. A very talented and cool bunch.”
Brendan – Notting Hill

“Mia has proven very organised, had beautiful suggestions and did her best to keep up within budget. Our house has been praised a lot after her work and we love living here. Combining styles was not a problem. We think she has done a great job and the service was not pricey.”
Anna – Hampstead

“Mia’s experience and flair made all the difference in getting my new flat ready to live in. Overall creative plans were hugely helpful, and she came up with a space re-planning idea I could not have had myself which will be of long-term benefit. The many details were planned and managed efficiently and professionally, and the team she brought in were uniformly reliable.”
Terry – Hampstead