Whilst each project is different, the following summarises the journey we take with each client.

Concept Development.

The process begins with an initial consultation focused on an exchange of ideas, needs, scope and aspirations, discussion about budget, and an explanation of our services and the stages of the process.

Upon instruction a site survey is conducted following which a design meeting is held to firm up the brief and budget. This session is usually held at the studio where we have an extensive library of samples and visual references. Ideas are developed and a scheme agreed upon.

The role of project management is explained, discussed and agreed.


Once the project scope has been agreed the team prepares a a series of design presentations which will develop spatial, structural and architectural arrangements, samples, colours, lighting, furnishings, joinery and finishes.

Each element of the scheme is developed, specified, costed and presented for discussion and for the client to approve and sign-off. Full working drawings are prepared for the appointed consultants and trades and the Client is accompanied to showrooms, suppliers and other projects where needed.

This phase requires a large volume of design time and expertise resulting in a the project’s creative and technical detail.

Project Management and Procurement.

Subject to the extent of the project management role previously agreed, progress of the project is monitored and managed on site and any issues arising in the course of the project are resolved in order to maintain quality, budget and programme.

The team takes responsibility for procurement including liaison with UK-based and international suppliers and logistics companies. Orders and deliveries are programmed so that they arrive at the required time. This is a critical element of the project and has to be handled with expertise and care.

Throughout this stage the client will be kept informed of progress.

Installation, Dressing and Snagging.

With construction and decoration completed we coordinate the delivery and installation of furnishings including window treatments and carpets.

We often curate artwork and home accessories at this stage, to create the finished look, or we can dress your new interior with your existing treasures, to give each room your own personal stamp.

Subject to the scope of our responsibility agreed at the start of the project we will manage the snagging process to ensure that the project is fully delivered according to the specification.

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